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NPTU Extracurricular Activities Section
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National Pingtung University Extracurricular Activity Division (EAD) comprises a group of energetic and enthusiastic faculty who always provide students with the best help and service. For a long time, the EAD has been considered a second home by students who enjoy visiting when they have free time. The EAD can be a place for socializing, an information trading center, an energy supply station, and a counseling office. In addition to sharing snacks and feelings, people also visit to discuss their experience of club activities.
Club Activities 
Club Activities
The EAD’s primary mission is to provide university club activities, including the weekly performance of “Dancing for Sunshine,” a welcome/farewell party, and summer/winter social work activities. The EAD also frequently cooperates with the student association in hosting concerts, campus fairs, choir competitions, drama competitions, karaoke singing competitions, and other large-scale activities. The EAD’s other duties include reviewing the financial support applications of student clubs and social work activities during the summer/winter breaks, such as developing elementary/middle school clubs with university clubs, summer/winter club teams, and academic support plans for disadvantaged students.
Financial Support and School Loan Applications 
Financial Support and School Loan Applications
We provide counseling and application services related to student loans to reduce student concerns regarding tuition fees. We also provide various types of on/off-campus scholarships to encourage and assist students; these include scholarships, student loans, life learning financial aid, graduate school student financial aid, emergency financial aid, special education scholarships, public expenses for descendants, financial aid for disadvantaged students, school housing cost reduction for low-household income students, financial aid for aboriginal students, off-campus competitions and activity scholarships, extracurricular activity attending and popularizing scholarships, scholarship for students from unemployed families, and other off-campus scholarships and financial assistance. Application forms are available from the EAD office. We also provide support and assistance to help students continue through any difficulties they encounter during their studies.
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